Friday, October 20, 2017


The first email is from Jack Idema lover, supporter and blogger Lynn Thomas, where she claims Penny Alesi gave Idema AIDS. The second set of emails from a confidential source and not meant to be published are authored by Jack Idema who confesses to Lynn Thomas "Penny is innocent" and he had the dread disease since 1994. This confession from a friend and lover did not stop Lynn Thomas from conducting a campaign of slander against Penny Alesi lasting years on this issue.


If you are reading this article, you have been warned! There are graphic pictures here of adult men engaged in homosexual sex. No one below the age of 18 should be allowed to view the pictures. Last warning!

Yes, Jack Idema was a homosexual and the pictures below taken [2009?] at his Casa Arabia home in Mexico are documented proof. Yes, Idema was HIV positive with types I & II at the time of his death in 2012, when the disease had progressed to full blown AIDS. There is a controversy on when Idema was infected with HIV, but a reliable source who did time with Idema at FCI Butner, NC in the medical unit [Maryland} said that he was diagnosed with HIV type I in late 1994 while he was imprisoned there. [It is thought Idema was infected with HIV Type II in 2004 while in an Afghan prison] This source also states that Idema was known as a "Little Bitch" [The passive partner} in homosexual relations at Butner, as the picture below document. Yes, you will notice that Idema's face is not shown in full; however, last picture in the series shows the same bed with the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis painted on the wall. The pets pictured on the bed belonged to Idema and his wife: Nina the dog and Astro the cat.



This document dump relates to the often daily operations of Idema's many criminal activities in the later years of his life that ended badly in early 2012. The bottom line to all this intense activity in order to build an illegal fortune is that it came to zip, zero, nada...NOTHING! In fact, Idema's crime partners and family members ended up head over heels in debt for the "seed money" they advanced him. For example, Penny Alesi Idema's former wife - found upon her return from Mexico in 2010 that her husband had stolen $10,000 from her American Express Gold Card. The old saying is that "Crime doesn't pay." is certainly true in the case of Idema, who had the "Reverse Midas Touch" with all his attempts to amass a fortune. The tragedy of Idema's life was that if he had applied himself to making money the old fashioned honest way, he would have died a multi-millionaire.